An average ACT score that plumbs the depths

I am told the average ACT score for the high school in the district where I work is 15.2.  Ummm… I think you get twelve just for breathing. So many bodies parked in so many desks for so many years  — What went wrong?

This is where the blog begins. It started on another site and has just been moved during this summer of 2013 to its own website. I have blogged mostly for stress relief without regard for an audience. It’s time to share, though. It’s a mess out here. I believe I may be watching the beginning of an educational apocalypse.

That said, if any reader decided to start at the beginning of this blog, I’ll note that some posts that follow are actually rather funny. Teaching is often funny. Teaching is often fun. I live teaching. I only think about the lurching bodies of mindless students in the dark of  night, mostly after another administrative demand sucked still more of my students’ lives away.

Eduhonesty: After a decade of furious government intervention, we have screwed up America’s schools so thoroughly that the whole Marvel League of Superheroes probably cannot rescue us.