A day of testing

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In the past five days, instruction has barely managed to edge out testing in my classroom as the two great rivals, testing and instruction, continue to duke it out for student time. During the epic days of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, new material was actually presented as instruction boldly faced off against testing, claiming chunks of class periods for actual student learning, before testing knocked us out in the semi finals on Thursday and Friday.

Instruction is expected to stage a huge comeback on Monday.

Eduhonesty: The ratio of testing to instruction has become positively silly. Seriously, I tested all day, for every period, on Thursday, with the exception of my 45 minute tutoring period. Friday, I tested during three of my four classes. I did not write these tests, but I must give these tests despite the 9 days we recently missed due to other standardized tests. I will say it’s rather relaxing. I put on the CD I made from student song requests and I provided hints to the desperate. This week-end I will grade.