A funny, scary lack of reflection

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The paper was important and the student understood that. He was allowed to use the laptop for his research. The question was not too difficult: What would happen to a plant kept in a closet? I started reading his answer and the first few lines were confusing. Then I realized he had copied from a site on how to grow cannabis in your closet. Unlike other closet plants, his cannabis was growing gangbusters.

Most of the class’s plants were failing to thrive, deprived of light and water. I’ll have to talk to the minority who think there is no air in closets. But despite the good laugh I got from Pot Man, I can’t avoid a soupçon of concern. I’d like to think Pot Man was joking. Unfortunately, I’ve talked to him. I lean toward believing he was copying the first response he opened after he put in his search term without considering the meaning of the words in front of him.

Eduhonesty: If he wasn’t so young and his eyes weren’t so clear, I’d suspect Pot Man of sampling his product.