A good question

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A more reflective student interrupted my mathematical spiel to ask a question:
“Ms. Q, is it true that sitting is bad for you?”

I suspected a hidden agenda, an attempt to get a water break or something like that, but then the conversation segued into complications of diabetes. The disease runs in my student’s family. A student in back made a joke and my questioner immediately snapped back that diabetes was not funny.

I’ll go off-topic for sincere, serious questions. I briefly talked about circulation, aging and the benefits of exercise. Here’s the observation I’d like to make: By the end, my audience was attentive. I had strayed into a topic that apparently interested almost all of them, even if I’m not sure why. All eyes were on me. When I went back to math, almost all eyes stayed on me.

Eduhonesty: Mental breaks can be as helpful as physical breaks in this time of less gym, fewer recesses, and bell-to-bell instruction.