A million here, a million there

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From the Chicago Sun Times, written By Lauren Fitzpatrick  and posted: 01/22/2016 :

“Chicago Public Schools laid off 227 non-teaching employees Friday and eliminated another 180 vacant central and administrative positions, “painful” cuts the school district says will save $32 million this year when it faces a $480 million budget gap.”

From the Associated Press 14 hours ago:

Chicago Public Schools announces 227 administrative layoffs

CHICAGO (AP) — More than 200 administrative employees with Chicago Public Schools are being laid off and another 180 already-vacant positions will be closed, changes that officials on Friday said will help save the nation’s third-largest district $45.1 million a year as it grapples with deep financial problems.
crit stemsThirteen million dollars was lost or found between these articles. If the Chicago Public Schools want to inspire confidence as they navigate the treacherous waters of near-insolvency, their leaders need to avoid these financial peculiarities. Does anyone know how much is being spent over in that central office? And if 227 employees are being paid $45 million, I want one of those positions. Doing the division, I find that $45,000,000 divided by 227 = $198,237. I thought I would share a few strange numbers on this cold, January morning.