All the Jimmy stories

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Teachers talk about their classes. We have an intense job that most of us take very seriously. With this post, I want to thank all the husbands, wives, sons, daughters and friends who have sat through the Jimmy stories. Teachers can talk almost endlessly about their funny children, their sad children and, especially, their problem children. Put two or more teachers together and the story-telling may become exponentially more involved as we share our Jimmies and Janies. We give each other advice. We commiserate. We share tips from the latest professional development. Sometimes we just laugh.

Eduhonesty: This post is for teachers. Is there some patient spouse or partner sitting at the dinner table, nodding when you describe Janie’s latest antics? Does your sister or brother listen supportively to your classroom stories, expressing outrage at the latest administrative absurdity? Do your friends hug you as you apologize for leaving early to make lesson plans? Do friends even help you to come up with lesson plans?

Give those folks an extra hug, maybe even some flowers or homemade cookies. At the end of the day, our listeners help give us perspective. They provide a place to vent. They help us stay balanced in a time when education keeps getting steadily nuttier. Having someone to listen to the Jimmy stories helps teachers to remember that education is about the Jimmies, not the tests.