Arne Duncan says all children must be prepared for college:

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The following was taken from the special education questions section of yahoo answers and leads me to ask whether or not the relentless push to prepare all of America’s children for college is not, in fact, absolutely cruel in some cases:

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Im a little confused about colledge and universities plzz help??!!?

okay i want to go to ross university school veterinary medicen but im soo confused because do u go ther after highschool or after colledge?

or is a university another name for colledge??


If “colledge” were free, reading this post would not feel so painful. One reason I’m angry as I read the above post is I can just hear that well-meaning guidance counselor pushing college at this poor kid as he explains his veterinary dream.  But that counselor is not going to pay back any of this kid’s student loan debt.

The special education student who wrote that post needs real help, much more help than he or she is receiving.