Breaks and block schedules

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An hour and half of math is simply too long. We have research that suggests our kids can’t stay focused on math for that long. A few can, of course, but most wander off mentally if the lesson goes on too long.

I like block schedules. I’ve had too many lessons that I could not finish because I needed extra time. I like to finish what I start in the same class period.

Eduhonesty: Nonetheless, I try to work a break into the middle of any block, something physical if possible. I am experimenting with Yoga right now. The kids welcome the break. They are usually much more attentive when we resume class.

Too often nowadays, in the work world as well as the classroom, our sense of urgency seems to lead us to flog the horse until it’s ready to drop. We might do much better with music, carrots and water breaks.