Calories, calories, and school lunches

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This is a replay of sorts, but ought to be on the radar:

I ate a number of school lunches last year. Most teachers don’t unless they have a separate cafeteria nowadays, but I grew up on macaroni drowning in milky Velveeta, along with spaghetti smothered in Campbell’s tomato soup, often with canned green beans or peas. I can eat damn near anything that doesn’t try to eat me back.

School lunches helped my weight-loss program. The baked chicken, bland beans, and dubious fruit worked for my diet. At times, I thought my plate might contain less than 250 calories.

Eduhonesty: While fine for a teacher on a diet, the new, healthier lunches often don’t have nearly enough calories for a growing boy or girl, especially since students are tossing large chunks of these lunches in the trash.

Of course, fasting once a week does seem to improve the longevity of rats.