Can’t fault the efficiency

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Until the PARCC test, we had almost no morning announcements. We had no field trips. We showed only preapproved videos, whether those videos were educational or not. Professional development frequently addressed the need for no wasted minutes. While we did create a minimal number of fun incentives, enough to forestall a rebellion against the Empire, the agenda was clear: Test preparation at all times. The Librarian was not even allowed to announced Picture Day.

The first part of PARCC is over and we are giddy with field trip plans. At least three are in the works to my knowledge. Others have been suggested, some as behavioral and academic rewards that exclude groups of students, but others that are open to the general population. My colleagues look happy planning their trips. Announcements now include details of everyday school life. I expect we will finally begin to hear those details I remember from past years, like soccer victories and dance dress expectations.

Eduhonesty: I’m glad for what I regard as a return to normalcy. So are the kids. Kids like to be acknowledged when they win a game. I honestly have no clue what happened with our volleyball and basketball teams this year since I had no players in my classes. That’s kind of sad. Hooray for next week’s field trip to the museum!