Children who hate apples

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I’ve stayed out of the school lunch fray. I respect Michelle Obama’s motives. Too many children are eating Flaming Hot Cheetos for breakfast.

Here’s one snippet of a much larger problem, though:

My school supplies fruit and vegetables at lunch. Often we have these tiny, substandard apples that are likely all my district can realistically afford. Students get virtually unsalted whole wheat pasta with boring red sauce, a small apple, an unsalted, overcooked vegetable and milk, for example. A lot of this food will end up in overflowing garbage cans as other students pass around Cheetos brought from home.

Eduhonesty: Those apples drive me nuts. They’re sorry excuses for apples and I am sure we are turning kids off apples in droves. Apples can be delicious but, by the time school is over, some of these kids will never go anywhere near an apple. The associations will be too unappetizing.