Clear Systems, Procedures and Expectations Only Go So Far

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Clear systems, procedures and expectations help classroom management enormously. But they cannot create enthusiasm for learning. More importantly, they cannot create grit, time-management skills or personal initiative. You don’t know how to do it? The internet probably has the answer. But too many kids never bother to look for help. Then they whine they are not ready for the test. Or they tell you that they need more time when they had three days to explore the world wide web and probably sent 500 or more text messages while they were not gaming. (Sigh.)

Other students just turn in their completed work, often quietly smiling. They know they did what had to be done. They know they will get an “A”. But they don’t say a word to the complainer. The system is working for these “A” students, whose class ranking keeps improving because other students can’t or won’t assume personal responsibility for their work.