Finding “right”

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When I was in kindergarten, they taught me my right from my left. We were always facing what I then thought was West (It was actually South. My guess is my teacher had been a bit confused herself when teaching directions). For years afterwards, I had to face West in order to figure out where “right” was because I wasn’t entirely sure if “right” was the same while facing other directions. I did not want to ask for fear of appearing stupid. I would just turn to face the appropriate direction. I had a pretty good intuitive sense of the compass which would later help me while driving. I think I was inadvertently teaching myself to orient myself in space, all in search of this mysterious thing, “right” and its equally odd counterpart, “left.”

A few simple questions would have made my life so much easier, but as I got older it seemed impossible to ask those questions. I could not handle the possible humiliation.

Eduhonesty: I’m betting lots of kids in my room have those questions stocked up but are too afraid to ask. I hope at some point they’ll trust me enough to let me make their lives easier. Pride is a powerful force, though, and it messes up many of us.