For the record

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My kids have learned a great deal of math. The current regime sent many of them running towards tutoring, especially since no one knew the retention policy until March. I’m not saying our one-size-fits-all attack on learning failed. The kids at the top, as I have observed before, definitely benefited from more demanding instruction. So did some of the more diligent and frightened kids in the middle.

Eduhonesty: This year has not been a fail. For it to be a success, though, we are going to have to instill some enjoyment of learning and school into our students. We are going to have to give these students a sense that they are playing a game they can win. Presenting them with material too many years above their level of understanding and mastery tends to defeat that purpose. Educational policy makers need to keep in mind a simple, fundamental truth: When the game is too hard, most kids don’t play.