Grading a standardized test all evening

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Grade, grade, grade — I keep putting pink marks on wrong answers. In the end, I count whatever right answers remain. I am a long ways from done.

Unfortunately, I am not the fastest grader in the Midwest. Fortunately, I have a smaller class to grade than most, smaller than everyone except the special education teachers I believe. AIMSWEB is paper and pencil, not computer-based, and I have to get the final tallies into the spreadsheet of student results. If this has taken me the entire evening, I suspect all the other teachers who gave this test — which is almost everyone in the school — have spent the entire or almost entire evening grading. The AIMSWEB test does not affect student grades. Its content only peripherally relates to what my students have been taught. AIMSEB is a quick, general knowledge test for language and math which includes content from elementary school and up.

Eduhonesty: I have to quit now because I have to grade and I’ll be getting up early to continue, I expect. Time spent on testing today amounted to 25 minutes of AIMSWEB prep stolen from science since I could not get through all of the AIMSWEB prep materials in previous tutoring periods. Four students were also taken out of classes, missing instruction to AIMSWEB testing by other persons. One left at the end of the hour which was no problem. I will have to catch the others up on a few details related to spring and neap tides. The afternoon meeting was kindly cancelled so that we could grade after school. Time spent on grading is about 3 1/2 hours so far and that pile of papers remains far from done.

Preparation for tomorrow’s classes? Not happening. Not today, anyway.