Harry Potter weekend

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ABC has been running a Harry Potter weekend. Harry was meeting Gilderoy Lockhart when I got up this morning. It is past 10 now. Darkness has fallen and Harry has Voldemort on the run. Well, the guy’s getting nervous anyway. His minions just burned down the Weasley’s house.

I have watched Daniel Radcliffe grow up today and I am feeling nostalgic. I miss the days of Harry Potter. I miss having a series of books that led to midnight, book-buying events filled with wand-carrying children and bookstore owners in witches hats. For one thing, the world of HarryimagePotter had real charm for all it’s dark moments.

I can’t say the same for subsequent series that have been big hits with kids. The worlds of the Hunger Games and Divergent are bleak, and, much as I enjoyed Twilight, Edward and Bella’s vampire romance reached many more girls than boys, while reinforcing a number of unfortunate stereotypes. In the end, true love conquered all and common sense once again went down for the count. Who cares if he’s a vampire? Who cares if you might die?

Would somebody out there please start on the next Harry Potter? Don’t get me wrong. I followed Katniss through the Hunger Games. I know the details of Bella and Edward’s romance.

But we could use a little more genuine magic out here.