Hidden advantage to the all-year school year

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I suspect we are going to the all-year school year. Why else, after all these years, did they finally install air-conditioning in my classroom? I have a wall of windows so my room’s temperature is still reaching the lower-eighties in the afternoon. But temperatures of the past have often hit a humid ninety-some degrees in various classrooms, so we teachers view the new window units as a definite win. Many teachers received air-conditioning units, those lucky enough to have windows for the units. The newer wing still lacks cooling, but those rooms don’t face East or West. The sun hits their windows obliquely, lessening the greenhouse effect.

We have needed an all-year school year so if that provided the justification for this new boon, I could not be more pleased. Why am I supporting the many changes of the latest administration? As I have noted previously, if what you are doing isn’t working, you need to try something else. I wince to look at our recent test scores. What we were doing wasn’t working. Of course, that all-year school year may be just a rumor.

But I’ll keep my hopes up.