I guess it’s good news

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My colleague in the last post is in better shape than we first thought. Apparently, Human Resources screwed up the math on her evaluation and her average is conspicuously higher than first reported. She’s still not in awesome shape, but she may survive any upcoming purge.

Ummm. these are people’s lives out here. A teacher just went from the bottom of our barrel back up into the middle BECAUSE of a MATH CORRECTION. Readers will know that I generally disdain foul language, but holy fuck, what kind of a mistake is that? They plunged that woman into an abyss of deep despair for weeks. Fortunately, the Union checked the district’s math.

Hooray for the Union. Apparently, other mistakes have been found as well, although I can’t confirm this. Regardless, I rather suspect we all ought to recheck the math from our evaluations.

Eduhonesty: If the district is looking to reduce employee costs, I know where they should start. Whoever tallied up my colleague’s point values ought to be fired. Yesterday.