Jeopardy PowerPoints

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How much vocabulary is actually learned by playing Jeopardy? I’m not sure but I do know that kids work for candy. I was flinging sugar all over the place today. The blue and pink chewy Jolly Ranchers are the clear favorites, but Jolly Ranchers are a general win.

Interesting example of effort: One of my students knew a lot of words and he was quick to get his hand up. This student has difficulty learning new concepts and his verbs always need work, but he clearly has studied the material. In the end, studying can rescue a student without natural aptitude, just as lack of studying will eventually sink the average student. One thing I like about Jeopardy is that it does not require “higher order thinking skills,” one of the new sets of buzzwords in education. All it requires is reviewing material and memorizing certain facts. This is something any student can do with effort. While teaching the benefit of effort, I also provide a chance for a win for students who normally don’t see that win, a win that comes directly from working.