Too much fun

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Adults constantly find distractions for their kids. Parents provide as many of the latest electronics as they can afford. Teachers work endlessly to make sure students are occupied with interesting lessons. It’s become a kidcentric world.

I think some of these kids end up living at home after graduation because real jobs — especially first jobs — frequently are not fun. Suddenly, our young adults are plunged into day-to-day reality and nobody cares if they are entertained. In fact, relaxing with the usual devices can get you fired when you’re supposed to be working instead. These adult children don’t grab the bottom rung of the ladder because the bottom rung is boring, a word I hear students using far too often.

Yes, that bottom rung is frequently boring. My first job was as a file clerk. (That dates me!) I put endless files in drawers. I cleaned up files and paperwork once my bosses knew I could be trusted. After six months, I was promoted to secretary. I typed checks and other correspondence. Three weeks later, I became an insurance claims adjuster, an interesting job which provided me with a passable paycheck until I returned to school.

Those first two insurance jobs were repetitive and dull, much less interesting than high school or college classes. I took the jobs, did them well, and worked up to a place I wanted to be. But I did not expect my environment to be fun. I did not think the world owed me an enriching experience.