Less to do

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One interesting reason why I am trudging forward has to be the lightening of my workload. If I do what everyone else plans, I don’t have to plan. I find the Master Plan saves me an enormous amount of time. They tell me where to march. I march. They tell me what hill to take. I gather the troops and head for the hill. The troops whine. I take command. I rearrange seats. I give pep talks. We trudge forward.

Eduhonesty: The Do-What-You-Are-Told-Or-Else regime requires little actual brainpower on my part. Today I thought of a couple of quick ways to reinforce the lesson plan that allow students to get up and move. I actually did a little creative thinking. I’ll share this with my special education colleague. All this sharing cuts down on the cognitive load. The new regime has a great deal to recommend it, except for its lack of flexibility.

But perhaps flexing is overrated.