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She almost always works. She is diligent and attentive. She asks if I need help before I think to ask for help. If her head is down on her desk, I’ll let it go for a minute or two if I can. You can’t allow students to sleep because one head on a desk will become two will become four until the whole classroom becomes a cabbage patch, at least if it’s a first or second period class. In general, bad precedents are to be avoided.

I am not always so good at avoiding bad precedents, though. Sometimes you know a kid just needs a break.

Eduhonesty: This post is for the students of the world who would claim its unfair when the Marilyns get a break that not everyone else receives.

Fair is not always equal. If you always do your homework and always come to class on time, you earn a few extra privileges over the course of the semester. That’s how the world works.