Musings on Treasure Meditation

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Treasure meditation is supposed to be 10 minutes of visualizing and experiencing my life after I have my greatest desires. My personal meditation includes no school and no students, interestingly enough. I go to empty ocean beaches, I go to a small lake nestled in fir-covered, green hills. I see myself holding a yard of beer in a crowded Irish pub. My consciousness avoids my school.

When it does enter the school hallways, it looks sadly at the fragmented, shattered staircase they just repaired. It’s worse now than it was, more dangerous than before. They fixed it less than a month ago but the gray tiles on the front of the risers are shattering, whether kicked by students or simply unable to bear the weight placed above them. The shards of tile are slipping hazards. I keep throwing them to the ground below for some custodian to spirit away.