Perhaps one more law?

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I had a great assistant principal once who had never taught a single hour. His degree was in psychology or something. I think he’d been a counselor. I have had other administrators with little classroom experience or with inapplicable classroom experience. Teaching in a suburban 3rd grade classroom does not prepare anyone to be principal of an urban high school, for example. While I hesitate to add any laws or mandates to a system that’s already groaning under the weight of government interventions, I do believe that administrators ought to have a decade in the classroom. I’d settle for seven years. Two or three years should not be enough; almost anyone can survive two or three years in a classroom, whether they can teach or not and, currently, these struggling teachers can then go into administration to escape their inability to manage their classrooms.

Eduhonesty: Despite that great assistant principal, I feel that education has too many generals today who have never fought a real battle. Worse, many generals fought that battle and chose further higher education and then administration as a way to escape their losses. Theory is no substitute for long-term experience.

As it stands, some administrators are scrabbling out of college with shiny new degrees or certificates and about as much sense of direction as a kid lost in a corn maze.