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My last post is part of my attempt to tease out the answer to a mystery: The break room is filled with complaints about testing. Professional development meetings are filled with complaints about testing. The media latches on to the theme at times. Yet while the testing theme spurts into internet threads, excess testing has not quite gone viral. I suspect the lack of virality (sic) comes because many teachers are not unhappy. If we were all miserable, our voices would have been heard by now. But we Whos in Whoville are still waiting for Horton’s response. Maybe that’s because a number of Whos are perfectly happy to test, test, test. Testing comes directly out of teaching. Are there happy Whos who prefer to teach less?

Eduhonesty: “From there to here, from here to there, funny things are everywhere,” as Dr. Seuss once wrote. Maybe some of us actually like this madness. It’s possible.