Regarding PARCC

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Comment by a fellow teacher who nailed the PARCC problem in a sound bite:

“I’m so sick of kids being set up for failure under the PRETENSE of being set up for success!”

Eduhonesty: I am teaching typing as fast as I can because I think that’s one element of the upcoming PARCC test for which the kids can prepare. But I expect a total bloodbath nonetheless. I’ve looked into the practice test. We will fail. I am in trouble with administration when I say anything to that effect. Realism is not allowed and I’m already in trouble with admins who spout the stock phrase, “No excuses!” No excuses allows for no explanations, but that hardly matters: No one on top is listening anyway.

I guess the test will tell. In fact, I’m sure the test will tell. I know what the test is going to say, too.

I just wish someone in charge would at least consider the fact that the eggs we are breaking to make this new PARCC omelette happen to be kids, many of whom are likely to feel about as dumb as the proverbial rock come late spring.