Resigning. Hooray!

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I don’t know why I have played this game so long. I suppose because I have wanted to do right by the kids. I’ll finish out the year. But that’s it. I suspect I am retiring. Maybe I should plan myself a party.

Eduhonesty: I’ll have time to take this blog more seriously soon. I seem to have readers. If I do attempt to do more with the blog, I promise not to plant insurance pop-ups and promotions for skin care products next to tabs that take you to car ads. I hope to make comments easier, too. I’d have done that sooner but, when I’ve tried, the spam was overwhelming.

Maybe I’ll finish my science fiction novel. I’m not sure what’s next. But I know that I want off the proving grounds. I believe it’s time to retire although I’ll wait a few months on that. I can at least look at nearby schools before I do any official paperwork. I won’t drive more than 15 miles, though. I live in a desirable area for teachers so I don’t know that any options will arise within my little circle.

Time to get dressed. I wish you all a Happy Day, readers.