She taught 37 years

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I shared a hotel breakfast with a special education teacher from Houston. She seemed to respect her district, her principal and her school. She has taught for 37 years and will be retiring this year, a perfectly happy soon-to-be-former teacher.

Eduhonesty: I tend to use this blog to write down what’s wrong or problematic. I can find no shortage of material due to increasingly bloated levels of bureaucracy at all levels, the source of increasingly convoluted rules and regulations. But I neglect the perks of the job too often. This special education teacher and I have been on our children’s school schedules, able to plan vacations and be home with the kids. That’s a huge perk. My colleague is a single mom. This may be the best job in the world for a single mom, especially if you work in a huge district like Houston so that you and the kids are on exactly the same schedule. She’ll have a decent pension while she’s still young enough to enjoy that pension.

My school year is drawing to a close. I’ll miss my kids. I’d be happy to find myself teaching them again next year.

Teaching has many great moments.