Snapchatting away

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Kids love Snapchat. With Snapchat, they can send pictures, text messages, and videos that will disappear after a few seconds. They can add text, captions, and even emojis. Because the messages simply vanish, Snapchatting feels safe and fun. Mom can’t find these pics. The teacher won’t know what you wrote. That sexy, selfie pose will go away.

But teachers, kids and parents need to realize that not all Snaps disappear forever. Screenshots can capture snaps. So can some apps out there, I’m told.

Eduhonesty: Kids often lack judgment about what they expose in cyberspace. Because of today’s test-test-test climate, we are not spending as much time on whole child education as we did in the past. We ought to be spending more, not less. The temptations of everyday life have been exploding in a technological free-for-all of software and apps.

When your school does the anti-bullying assembly or tutoring period(s) — about the only reliable whole-child education that remains — please remember to work Snapchat-related issues into the lecture. One sideways method to get the idea across: Point out that bullying Snapchats can always be kept as evidence via that screenshot.