Student Data Tracking Binders

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Caption for a pin at Pinterest:

“Principal requiring you and your students to track data? See how this teacher has her students keep track of their data using Student Data Tracking Binders! They are super easy to implement any time of the year and your kids will love them! I love them too!”

The accompanying picture shows cute, little, elementary school kids at their desks, their hands enthusiastically raised.

This may be an idea whose time has come. Let the little nippers keep track of their own data. Learning to manage a binder always helps students. Teachers can easily justify this maneuver, probably more easily than they can justify having students grade their own papers. I am not quite sure how Student Data Tracking Binders work, but the packages are available at Teachers Pay Teachers for $10.00 from Kristine Nannini. Use “Student Data Tracking Binders” as your search term.