Sub-zero weather

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Slightly over half of my students made it to school yesterday. Many districts had closed but my district threw the doors open, advising parents to use their discretion in sending students to school. Some kids who needed to walk in those sub-zero temperatures stayed home, so low attendance was no surprise. In this time of working parents, and in this poor area where families sometimes share one car, transportation to school may be unavailable.

We had fun, but we did not make much progress. You can’t introduce new material to half of a class. We reviewed. We played math games that ended with students using the trash can as a basket and tossing tennis balls when they found the right answers. We worked quietly on study guides for upcoming quizzes.

Eduhonesty: The busses had been instructed to pick up any walkers they saw, but I would not trust my child to luck into a bus. That day was destined to be quiet, an attendance disaster. I enjoyed taking a deep breath as I worked with my tiny classes.