That seventh grade sense of humor

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Words that pertain to sex run the gamut from funny to hilarious. In Spanish, huevos is a slang word for testicles that also means eggs. Students can entertain themselves for some minutes by trying to work the word huevos into a lesson. Watching people fall or trip is always good for a laugh. One class still reminds me about the time I fell off my stool earlier this year. They loved that one. About the funniest classroom event has to be farting. Farting can completely disrupt a lesson when it is loud and smelly enough. Once the laughter calms down, I may have to deal with student smell-management attempts such as leaving your seat and waving your hoodie to push the smell toward someone else. I also have to do my best to minimize some student’s humiliation. Fortunately, students are usually pointing fingers at each other, so the culprit can usually deflect the spotlight.

Eduhonesty: A few laughs help a classroom. In a way, I think seventh graders are lucky. Farts are a fact of life, so kids can always find a reason to laugh.

For many reasons, seventh grade often proves emotionally tough for students. But they do laugh a lot. It helps.