The garden did not fit

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I was at a potluck tonight, talking to a man who creates community gardens. He recently added an enabling garden with upraised plots for people in wheelchairs and people using walkers. Members of his group pay monthly fees to have plots at his sites. He has a mission, helping people to grow vegetables.

This man went to a local school to offer them a plot. The plot would be across from the school, convenient and easy to access. He planned to offer this space as a free benefit to local students and even volunteered to find people to help keep plants alive through the summer.

“We will have to see if we can work it into the curriculum,” he was told.

The school did not take him up on his offer.

Eduhonesty: When we are so busy trying to raise math and English scores that we can’t grow a few zucchini, we are making a mistake. In this time when administrators’ jobs often hinge on test score results, I am not surprised the school was unwilling to sacrifice academic time to gardening. I can’t fault those administrators. I am sad for the kids, though.