Thursday’s tally

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(If you are starting here, I suggest you backtrack to January 14th and read forward in time.)

Time spent doing or planning for standardized testing (ACCESS) totaled only 85 minutes.

Meeting time (including the meeting I missed for testing — I was supposed to be at that meeting) ran 95 minutes.

Total testing time for the week: 11.34 hours
Total meeting time for the week: 6.3 hours

Eduhonesty: Nearly half of my available class time has gone to standardized or SLO testing this week, not including the regular tests I have to give. Tomorrow my students will have a math quiz. I did not plan or write this quiz, but I am required to give the same quizzes as everyone else in the department. Instruction? I’m pretty sure I’ve heard of instruction, but at this rate I may forget how that instruction thing actually works. Apparently instruction does not require continuity or momentum, for example, since no one ever seems preoccupied with providing me with a shot at continuity. I have managed to cover the content on the quiz.