Tina lied

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Some referrals are tiny. Tina asked to go to the bathroom. I asked if she had finished her opening work. She said yes and left. I checked. Zero work. This might not even have been a referral except she borrowed a workbook to copy that day (with permission) and then wrote in it, tore out pages and denied she had done so.

Eduhonesty: A small lie would likely never hit the Dean’s office. That’s a classroom management issue with a call home. Two in one day, especially with property damage, ups the stakes and she deserved her referral and detention.

Tina missed many days of school and skirted the edge of failure often. She has fallen years behind in her classes. I doubt she will finish high school. First, you have to care. She doesn’t care, not about academics anyway. She goes to school almost exclusively to socialize and pursue boys. This approach to education hardly ever ends well.