Ummm… this is ridiculous.

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I spent the last few days after school grading a standardized benchmark test we gave to all our students. I ate various soups at Panera in the evening, long after my usual dinner time, because I could not get out of school sooner. As soon as this was done, I got the email telling me that MAP testing will begin shortly for all students. In addition, all my students are to take another specialized, standardized test in the next week if possible. This does not include all the tests given in classes; one common test or assessment is expected weekly. This does not include homework grading.

Eduhonesty: The upshot is that I have begun the “atom” unit but we never built that atom with marshmallows, gumdrops, toothpicks, or whatever. We may never get a chance to build it. I can barely get my sleep. I can’t get to Walmart. I talked to other science teachers. We are all in the same Titanic lifeboat in the same Northern Atlantic waters. Experiments and activities are being sacrificed for lack of time.

I hope there are not too many typos in this post. I don’t have time to post. But I batted this out as quickly as I could because I want to chronicle what is happening.

This is too much testing. Period.