Unready for College

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My school’s administration would be unhappy with my previous post, I expect. But the state’s interactive report card website documents the problem. The state estimates that less than 1 in 10 students in my district’s high school are ready for college. That’s 9 in 10 who need some alternative option.

I will say our vocational/technical options are better than those of many school districts. Our push to improve college-readiness is inevitable with these numbers and I am certainly in favor of that push.

Eduhonesty: But the current administration’s plan for 100% college readiness is a pipe-dream and I would be fascinated to know exactly what they are smoking. Arne Duncan and Barack Obama need to visit the real world and talk to these students. Many have no intention of going to college, despite the exhortations of teachers and administrators. What are we offering these students instead?