Valentine’s Day in middle school

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My student wrote this and I asked her to share it with me:

“So one time their was this girl who had no valentine. She was all sad but that’s cool because guess what she found out: You need no guy to be happy. All you need is candy, Netflix and a friend to enjoy the day with,and if all your friends are busy you can hang out with your sister. girls think you need a guy to be happy thats a lie because truly you need yourself and your family. boys come and go and if one leaves you remember your parents always taught you to share your used toys. cx love” (the girl who wrote this) “oh yeah and i almost forgot the pizza part lol love ya happy valentine’s day <3." Eduhonesty: My kitchen has beautiful roses and lilies. My husband and I are whittling away at Valentine's Day chocolates. A student also gave me a couple of roses. Valentine's Day can be a happy win. But I sort of wish this holiday would disappear. It's so hard on some people, like a Christmas that didn't come. My student is wise beyond her years. Few adolescents bring this much understanding to the table, however. Romantic turmoil roiled through my middle school last week. It's not Valentine's Day per se that bothers me. It's the pressure on young girls to be in a relationship. Seventh grade girls should not have to be so wise and philosophical.