What if no one with credentials wants the job?

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What if you can’t find a bilingual high school math teacher willing to work in your district? Both bilingual and high school math teachers remain in demand. The district had a long-term sub, a good one, but his credentials were expired or something. So now the students in these classes have no teacher. I guarantee the No-Teacher-for-a-Month-or-Two plan won’t work. Those classes were already grievously behind.

Eduhonesty: I don’t want to look for work, but this situation makes me understandably nervous. I happen to have the necessary high school credentials. I don’t want to teach those classes. Middle school suits me much better than high school. I prefer younger kids. I also prefer science, language arts and social studies to math. For the time being, I am safe. No one is going to disrupt my middle school classes in April by transferring me, but next year the Board will be able to redeploy me into the mathematical abyss they are creating.

These facts argue in favor of filling out the standard online application and entering the job market.