Wish I could rap

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Check this out: http://www.npr.org/blogs/ed/2014/11/18/355129803/secret-lives-of-teachers-bored-of-education?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=npr&utm_term=nprnews&utm_content=2043

Rapper I.C. Will is Ian Willey, the assistant principal at KIPP Washington Heights Middle School. If that mouthful of a link does not work, google I.C. Will Bored of Education rap. I loved watching this video.

Eduhonesty: I burn CDs for my classes regularly. Music does add a little complexity to class with whining here and there, plus the occasional girl crying because “that was our song!” Some songs have too many memories to be played in class. But my minions love the music. I like it too. Yesterday I was dancing a little as I went around the room. The right music at the right time improves all our days.

Tip for teachers: Letting them pick from the internet is too dangerous. You can’t be playing explicit lyrics when the Principal walks past. I pass around a list and let them write down songs they like, making it clear I have to like the song too. “I won’t buy Skrillex,” I tell them. I also review the lyrics before I make any purchases. The process takes a bit of time, but my music library is richer for their suggestions. I also get a great deal of good will for my purchases.