Wonderful but lazy

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I have many delightful students. They are good-natured, funny, creative and helpful. They pick up after themselves. They say thank-you when they receive candy. While in class, they work.

But they hardly ever do the homework. I think the call of Call of Duty is too much for some. Others find friends, favorite shows or Facebook to occupy their time.

Eduhonesty: I need parental help desperately here. Many districts now allow parents to look up school assignments online. Parents, please track homework completion if you are able. Otherwise, if your child is a middle-school or high-school students, check in with teachers if there never seems to be homework. Asking a kid, “Do you have any homework?” may not work. Sometimes the kid isn’t even lying when he or she denies the existence of assignments. I think some kids have a magic spell put on them that makes them forget homework as soon as they place the offending papers inside their lockers.

It may seem a bit elementary school, but a homework log meant to be signed by parent and teacher daily can help solve this problem.