Worries at the command center

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Teachers in the trenches often worry a great deal in these times, especially if they work in a school that is failing to deliver the government-mandated numbers. Big details and little details may come to administrative attention. The extent of oversight has become off-putting, at the very least. Still, for all the teachers out there who are annoyed by the degree of interference from above, I’d like to offer a defense for administration.  Administrators are under the gun too. The following is an email from my principal:


Just a gentle reminder we will have visitors from ISBE (the Illinois State Board of Education) visiting us all day tomorrow. Please wear a (district) or (school) shirt if you plan to wear jeans or dress in business casual attire.

 Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this.


 (My dedicated principal who has been trying so hard and doing so well that I have decided to like her despite the fact that she sometimes shoots before she knows what she is aiming at)

I am certain that my Principal was no happier bringing large groups of state visitors into my classroom than I was to see them trooping through the door.