Your lack of planning should not always be my emergency

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This is getting silly. We’ll ignore the three (four?) cancellations of a post-observation conference by Admin #1. At least Admin #1 was polite about all those disruptions. But Admin #2 has been driving me nuts. This morning, I found an email that had been sent out at 9 o’clock the night before, rescheduling a morning meeting with me and asking me to bring a multi-question document on my reflections for the year past and the year to come. I stumbled on this document at 6 AM. Once again, planning for my classes had to shut down. Emergency! Reflect! Type fast! The meeting that had been rescheduled would be rescheduled two more times that morning. When I finally got there, Admin #2 told me that the emailed document was optional. Nothing in the email said anything about optional, however. That man has got to stop sending me projects with less than 24 hours notice. This was less than 12 hours notice, given the time of the original meeting.

A couple of days ago, at 8:43 PM, he sent me an obscure email telling me I had an appointment for 10:00 the next day. I replied, “Umm… I’m happy to join you for this, but what is it?” No response. I went at 10 and waited in a hallway, finally sitting on the floor by the wall, since Admin #2 had “double-booked” himself by his own admission. I then discovered I was expected to provide large quantities of documentation that proved I did not suck. I got a couple of days to do this. I gathered evidence for the meeting that kept changing times, the one for which I was supposed to prepare the document that hit my inbox slightly before bedtime the night before. As I said to colleagues, if I had not checked my mail at 6 in the morning, I’d have been frazzled since I would have had zero time at school to work on the document I was told I needed to bring.

Eduhonesty: Does everything always have to be an emergency? Just asking.