An awful boss

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From: (My Immediate Supervisor) Tuesday – May 7, 2013 11:44 AM
To: ALL SHS ELL/ESL; ART; SS; World Language
Subject: ALL
I just want to say THANK YOU! for all you do for OUR students.
I personally appreciate what you do.
(lowercase initials withheld)
I copied this notable email because I believe it is my first thank-you of the entire year from my immediate supervisor, despite an extremely formidable workload and a great many “extra” efforts on behalf of bilingual students. It came late on the morning of May 7th, Teacher Appreciation Day. Frankly, it’s far too little and far too late. I strongly suspect someone put him up to it too. Most likely, another administrator asked him what he was going to do for his staff for Teacher Appreciation Day.
Well, I feel SO appreciated — two whole lines in a mass mailing. I found the caps particularly impressive, and that last set of caps mysterious. OUR students? Has someone been trying to take them away from you, boss?