A riptide of minutiae

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This phrase came to me as I was attempting to organize my morning. I can’t get ahead. I can’t even keep up. Here is the thing about doing communal lesson plans and trying to teach the same material at the same time: I don’t own my material. It’s hard to remember things I did not personally plan or create. Since I teach two subjects, I have a lot to keep track of and sometimes I simply… don’t. I realize, “Oops, I was not supposed to do that until tomorrow.” I’m supposed to have my Common Core standards on the board. Hell, I’m lucky to find my (our) lesson plans. I’ll get the standards on the board tomorrow.

Eduhonesty: Feeling a bit like a hamster in a wheel out here.

If nothing else, I am feeling sympathetic to middle school children who are trying to learn how to get organized. Me, too, guys. I want to get organized. But the riptide of minutiae sometimes just carries me away.