Are we going to work?

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The end of May always brings questions like this. Do we have stuff to do? Yes, we are going to work. We still have stuff to do.

“It’s not over yet,” I say, channeling Princess Leia in Star Wars.

So far, no one has done a Han Solo on me — “It is for me, sister,” Han Solo replies. — but I’m clear that a number of students think they’re done. One tried to go home with his mom after playing in the band at the high school graduation until I pointed out that he had a 20 point math project due tomorrow. He called his mom and settled in for the hour and a half remaining in the school day.

This cake is all but baked. The grades are almost all in. Everybody’s in a good mood. Even the failing are in a good mood, since they know the district does not plan to retain anyone. I give pep talks. I discuss higher education options. I push reading. I feed them red licorice. I liked it when I discovered they had made up their own candy and chips schedule for the week and taped this to the wall. A more alert teacher might have noticed the snack chart sooner, but I left the chart up. I support individual initiative.

Eduhonesty: A pleasant day was had by almost all as we researched math concepts on the Chromebooks, their music playing in the background.