Damn that stupid lesson plan

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Regarding yesterday’s surprise visit: Left to my own devices, at this time of year, I’d normally be playing math jeopardy or bingo. But, no, I was frantically trying to complete the week’s lesson plan which required presentations by a fair number of unwilling students. Bilingual students may benefit from class presentations (one-quarter of the rubric points on the team’s rubric), but they definitely don’t like them, with a few exceptions who are either towards the top of the class or are simply natural hams who crave an audience. If I’d been doing my own thing, I believe we’d have looked great, as we often do.

Eduhonesty: A perfectly awful ending for a perfectly awful year.

P.S. O.K., it wasn’t a perfectly awful year. That’s hyperbole. My kids and I had a great day today. We’ve had lots of great days. I love those kids. But really!? A surprise visit from a coach on the last real day of instruction? When I am retiring? The world of teaching has become so strange.


P.S.S. The actual feedback from that visit was entirely laudatory. I can definitely be my own harshest critic — a problem in these feedback-laden times.