Disciplinary issues

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I am being obliged to teach material that is years above my students’ learning levels. Misbehavior is becoming an issue. Some kids will ask questions and work harder when they are lost. Others mentally exit the scene. They act out because they don’t want everyone to know how confused they feel. I am getting snappish.

Not good. It’s way too early for the honeymoon period with new classes to be over. That’s all I can say.

Eduhonesty: I usually have a great rapport with my students. But I am not usually trying to teach students who are operating at a second or third grade level mathematically material that is four or more years above their learning level. It’s the end of the first week. One of my favorite teachers across the hall spent the day cursing (obviously not while students were in the room). He and I are agreed: We are grievously behind.

We’ve only been in school one week, but the whole year is scripted. We can’t even get to start, much less keep up with the schedule. Fortunately, almost all the classes in the school have already fallen behind. That’s about the only comfort in this mess.