Dreams and imagination

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“Imagination is the highest kite one can fly.”
Lauren Bacall

To dream requires imagination. Little Jarod must be able to see himself as a fireman. In his mind, he must be able to run into the burning building, throwing people over his shoulder as he dodges danger in the smoky hallway. His dream may be vivd and detailed, flickering burnt-orange flames shattering windows in a blackened building, or it may be simpler. just a sense of himself holding that big hose, wearing a shiny yellow suit as he stands near a big, red truck.

But it all begins with imagination.

Eduhonesty: I observe the lack of dreams. I wonder, does that lack of dreams reflect a lack of imagination? Where are the kites? Schools work so hard on creativity today that I wonder why I don’t see more children building their own gossamer kites, calling on reserves of imagination to decorate the diamonds and boxes they launch. Today’s children have become depressingly prosaic. I wish I knew how to help them find their missing dreams.