If you are working on this Saturday evening…

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As you feel yourself drowning due to ever-increasing time demands, step back. Pause to ask yourself, “Is there an easier way?” Other questions naturally follow.

Can I find something on Teachers Pay Teachers? What other site might have a lesson or some materials I can use? Can I ask a friend for help? How about the teacher next door? Who else can help me? What would another good Google search reveal? What are some different groups of search terms I could try? Can I ask the Principal for professional development in this area?


Step back. Sometimes teachers work so hard that they don’t work smart. Teachers as a group work nights and week-ends regularly. We’re really good at that. But we can get so buried trying to plan for the future and catch up on the past that we don’t take advantage of resources and people who can help us.

Eduhonesty: On those long nights, at some point stop to ask yourself a few questions. In particular, ask yourself, “Do I need to do this? Is this the best and easiest way to finish my task? How could I work smarter?”